Yoni massage (for women)

In Sanskrit, Yoni is the word used for vagina, translating as “sacred place” or “sacred temple”; in Tantra, Yoni denotes love and respect.Before starting the massage, it is very important to create a space where a woman can relax, a space where she will be able to easily achieve a high level of arousal and… Continue reading Yoni massage (for women)

The Story of Laura

Laura is 36 years old and a high school teacher.Considered the most beautiful teacher in the school, she never cared too much about her attractiveness, instead preferring commitment and seriousness in teaching.One evening Laura and her friend Sabrina decided to go to the cinema to see one of the most talked-about films: Basic Instinct. Laura… Continue reading The Story of Laura

Questions and Answers

Q: What is the biggest mistake that partners make after marriage? A: Too often, the tendency to establish a parental attitude towards one of the partners dominates the marriage. Correcting, scolding, and controlling the partner is a good way to ruin the relationship and destroy an active and healthy sex life. If you somehow find… Continue reading Questions and Answers

Stefano’s first time

I’m Roberto a 42-year-old, 1.8m tall and weighing 75 kg, normal build, slightly grizzled, young and tanned, happily married, with bisexual fantasies.While browsing the internet on dating sites and bisexual ads, I met Stefano.A 22-year-old university student away from Trieste.We exchange a few emails, and photos, and then we decide to meet, even if I… Continue reading Stefano’s first time

Women like it big: at the beach

After the initiation into threesomes and even multiple relationships, my wife seemed to have found a serenity that I didn’t see before. Sometimes she had also welcomed very gifted men and, it seemed to me, on such occasions, she derived greater satisfaction. So when we were alone I asked her if she ever liked being… Continue reading Women like it big: at the beach

All You Need to Know About Intimate Hygiene

What intimate hygiene is A person’s intimate hygiene is very important. Sweat, natural secretions, and traces of urine can accumulate inside or around the genital organs, accumulations that lead to the feeding or development of local bacteria that can cause infections.These types of infections are often manifested by irritation, pain when urinating, inflammation of the… Continue reading All You Need to Know About Intimate Hygiene