All you need to know about family planning

Family planning is a conscious decision making of women and men about the most convenient time for parenthood, for having the desired number of children, and the time and interval between the pregnancies. The aim of family planning is to give birth to healthy and desired children, as well as responsible and conscious parenthood. Family… Continue reading All you need to know about family planning

All about infertility

Infertility (sterility) is the incapability of conception during the one or two years of a usual sexual life without the use of contraception. Infertility can be primary (if a woman has never been pregnant) or secondary (if a woman cannot get pregnant after the previous pregnancy). Reduced fertility (infertility) is the incapability of delivering alive… Continue reading All about infertility

What is an addiction to sex?

DefinitionWhat is the addiction to sex or being obsessed with it? Maybe we have a lack of trust or understanding for exploring the “details” like often masturbation, sex with prostitutes, sexual massages, telephone sex, anonymous sexual dates, and other methods of sexual behavior that occur during sexual obsession. The most often reproach of the persons… Continue reading What is an addiction to sex?

Want to know how to kiss better?

A good kiss can really excite and cause big things inside the bedroom. However, a bad kiss may destroy the chance of having sex even before things start to develop. In these simple steps, we will uncover the question of how to kiss irresistibly. 1.    Start slowly, and then go on the offensive During the… Continue reading Want to know how to kiss better?

Amateur girls or paid sex?

When it comes to sex, two types of relationships need to be taken into consideration, namely the paid one and the one consumed with amateur girls.Let’s see what are the differences between the two types of women. The desire to fuck women The first substantial difference is from research in the desire to fuck that… Continue reading Amateur girls or paid sex?


Sexting is often seen as a risky behavior associated with the aforementioned dangers and there is also talk, in this regard, of a 2.0 sexuality, that is, very much based on virtual contact between subjects, with consequent repercussions on their relationships and emotional ties. We therefore speak of a sexuality that “has adapted” to technological… Continue reading THE BENEFITS OF SEXTING

7 tips to transform a “liquid” relationship into a solid one

Come out into the open. Usually this type of ties are experienced in an exclusive and secret way, although there are no problems of betrayal, therefore of being discovered. This is a very explanatory element. It’s as if you don’t even have the courage to legitimize the relationship. Being seen together is like saying “we… Continue reading 7 tips to transform a “liquid” relationship into a solid one

Intimate couple life: how to improve it

What happens if you don’t ” search ” yourself anymore? “The couple becomes predominantly parental, with a great commitment in caring for the child but with little or no attention to their sexual intimacy. Sometimes these couples become couples with a secondary white marriage: sexuality cannot be recovered even after months. They are couples who… Continue reading Intimate couple life: how to improve it


Every human has a different sexual behavior, and not just in terms of gender. Family, social and cultural experiences allow integration with the constitutional elements in the evolutionary phase: experience and learning are the fertile ground on which a fundamental response to human behavior is decided. Each individual can therefore be framed within a particular… Continue reading SEXUAL STYLES AND RELATIONAL ORIENTATIONS

5 tips to awaken sexual desire in a couple’s life

With these useful tips, also supported by expert opinion, you will find that apathy, fatigue and loss of desire will subside in a very short time and your intimate relationship will return to being stimulating, rewarding and EXCITING! Dialogue: it is important to dialogue with your partner and tell you all the doubts, problems, fears… Continue reading 5 tips to awaken sexual desire in a couple’s life