Advice about HPV

A viral infection (Human papillomavirus) – the therapy is for reducing the symptoms. There are more than 70 different types of HPV, from which types 16, 18, 31, and 33 are proved to be the cause of pre-malignant and malignant changes in the uterus – which makes this disease potentially lethal to women. Malignant changes… Continue reading Advice about HPV

Did you hear about the contraceptive strips?

What is a contraceptive strip? •     4.5cm long weekly strips containing hormones; it is stuck to the skin in order to prevent pregnancy •     It is used for one week, and replaced on the last day of the week, three weeks in a row; the strip is not applied on the fourth week •     It… Continue reading Did you hear about the contraceptive strips?

All you need to know about menstruation

Menstrual cycle Between the first period (menarche) and the last period (menopause), a woman’s fertility is regulated with the menstrual cycle. At an interval of approximately 4 weeks on the ovary, the unit matures under the influence of follicular-stimulation hormone (FSH), which secretes estrogen. Ovulation is a secretion of the mature ovary unit from the… Continue reading All you need to know about menstruation

All about sexuality

The facts about sexuality spread by media (TV, radio, social media…) aren’t always true, and the given information isn’t always important. For example, media usually presents women as more attractive than they really are and they idealize the presence and features of men. In that way, love, anxiety, romance, and other things are neglected. Friends… Continue reading All about sexuality

All you need to know about condoms

A condom is a device usually produced from latex, which covers the penis during sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy or/and sexually spread infections (SSI), like gonorrhea, syphilis, and AIDS. They are also known as prophylactics and other slang names like gum or rubber.The first condoms were produced out of animal guts, usually from sheep, lamb,… Continue reading All you need to know about condoms

What is an addiction to sex?

DefinitionWhat is the addiction to sex or being obsessed with it? Maybe we have a lack of trust or understanding for exploring the “details” like often masturbation, sex with prostitutes, sexual massages, telephone sex, anonymous sexual dates, and other methods of sexual behavior that occur during sexual obsession. The most often reproach of the persons… Continue reading What is an addiction to sex?

Sex toys – the silent secret pleasure

Sexual toys are devices that can provide your partner with more excitement during sexual activities. They are used only for the genital area or on the actual genitals, but some can be used for other body parts. People use them when they are alone with their partners. However, people who use these toys rarely use… Continue reading Sex toys – the silent secret pleasure

Want to know how to kiss better?

A good kiss can really excite and cause big things inside the bedroom. However, a bad kiss may destroy the chance of having sex even before things start to develop. In these simple steps, we will uncover the question of how to kiss irresistibly. 1.    Start slowly, and then go on the offensive During the… Continue reading Want to know how to kiss better?

Sexual myths explained over time

You cannot become pregnant during unprotected sex if your partner pulls out his penis before he ejaculates. INCORRECT!Although your partner didn’t ejaculate, sperm can be found in the liquid that the penis secretes before the actual ejaculation. Just one spermatozoid is needed for the girl to become pregnant and that liquid may spread sexual diseases.… Continue reading Sexual myths explained over time

Did you know what G spot is?

The term G-Spot or Grafenberg’s spot is related to a small, but very sensitive area on the front wall of the vagina. Stimulation of this spot should lead to excessive sexual excitement and a strong orgasm. Although most people believe in its existence, there is a lack of evidence. Female ejaculation In the middle of… Continue reading Did you know what G spot is?