Things you need to know about fertility

The fertile period is the period of a menstrual cycle where fertilization of the ovary unit may occur. The fertile period lasts about five days before and three days after ovulation (with the presence of spermatozoids). The menstrual cycle is counted from the first day of the period until the last day before the following… Continue reading Things you need to know about fertility

All about infertility

Infertility (sterility) is the incapability of conception during the one or two years of a usual sexual life without the use of contraception. Infertility can be primary (if a woman has never been pregnant) or secondary (if a woman cannot get pregnant after the previous pregnancy). Reduced fertility (infertility) is the incapability of delivering alive… Continue reading All about infertility

Assisted reproduction concept nowadays

Reproductive technology has developed due to marital infertility, numerous new methods of assisted reproduction. Although humane sexuality and reproduction are closely related, assisted fertilization excludes direct sexual contact. There are several methods of assisted reproduction depending on the cause of sterility. Artificial insemination is the process of direct insertion of sperm into the vagina, uterus,… Continue reading Assisted reproduction concept nowadays